February 11, 2011

Frank O'Collins


@ 39 min:"I said, I would proof the connection between the Vatican and the Holocaust with one word, and the one word is 'Holocaust', the word Holocaust.
It's a Greek word. It is the oldest word to describe this. Holos, which is 'complete', and 'burnt offering' kaustos – 'holokaustos' is the oldest religious term in human history to define the religious ritual of 'burning people alive to God'. Now, if someone says, oh okay, you know that's because they knew it – no: This word was extinct.
It did not exist until it was resurrected by the Vatican and the Jesuits. This word did not exist.

The word that was used from the Middle Ages created by AntiPope Innocent was Immolate (Immolatus) which is 'to Moloch', and that was the preferred word to use that people, when they burned 'are immolated', they offered up to Moloch. The word Holocaust was not used.

Now, any educated Jew today rightly refuses to even pronounce the word Holocaust knowing its real religious term. They use the word Shoah which was chosen in 1948 in opposition to the Vatican's decision to start describing the burning of people by the appointed dictators as the 'Holocaust'. So every time that the dialectic sets up the scenario where they bring back the Holocaust denial and then say, no, it's terrible, the word Holocaust gets pronounced, as it has been around every two or three months millions of times on the internet and across all these papers, not once – I mean, this is what people don't realize is: when they look at their news readers at night, they don't realize that they are dealing with cowards. When they read the journals and the papers, they don't realize that they are dealing with spineless lizards, people that care nothing for their fellow men. They would run a thousand miles away than stand up against evil. These people wouldn't know evil when they fell over it. For all the articles written and for all the stories pronounced about the Holocaust, not one person had the honesty to stand up and say, this is what the word means.
The word means a ritual sacrifice of burning.

Now look, honestly: How can anyone think that the word Holocaust – and the people who use it most frequently being the Vatican – how can anyone imagine, that that is the term, that they are told happened, that this is all about extermining the Jews and just getting rid off a few million people?! I mean, come on, I mean, people have to realize at some point that there's gonna more to it. And if there is more to it, do you really think that the Nazis were spending huge amounts of resources, that should had been going against the battles that they were fighting all across Europe, into this whole complicated process? These were falling into the occult.
No one calls the Nazis stupid. I mean, they were precise, and intelligent, and ruthless.
So, who is pulling the strings here? One word clears it, one word."

"The word means 'to sacrifice, kill as a victim by fire' and is the most specific-purpose designed word to describe this kind of evil sacrifice. [...]
Since the creation of this religious word of power, it remains the official 'legal' term used to describe all people who are killed by fire – therefore 'offered up to Moloch' by simple use of the term."

05/23'07 P. Sorokin: "All religions have threads of spiritual truths at their cores, but they are usually wrapped in such corrosive and spiritually destructive packages that all but the most discerning of individuals would be wise to just walk away. Religions, as Jung said, are defense mechanisms against a direct experience of God. They keep humanity as spiritual infants.
While the Collins brothers admit that the elite used religion to manipulate and control the population, they never stop to question how many of their own religious ideologies might still be relics of this manipulation.
It's unfortunate that, despite their sharp intellects, they have still not seen through the sham of Christianity. While it does engender some positive, genuine spiritual feeling in its adherents, and while it has given rise to remarkable sacred artistry (Rachmaninov's Vespers), this in no way justifies Christianity's more destructive dogmas.
But for the Collins brothers, it's all or nothing. To them, God is still a monarch and 'jealous', off-planet landlord. And Jesus Christ is the only way to keep out of a fiery pit called 'hell'."


Senor Paolo said...

Fascinating. I should like to know if Mr O'Collins believes that Father Staempfle, who was murdered by Nazi troops in 1934, wrote or co-wrote Hitler's Mein Kampf. I'm researching it presently.